Los Angeles rappers J Stone, BH and Nipsey Hussle drops their new EP. Which is "J Stone - 25/8 NO BREAKS", "BH - Boyz n tha hood" and "Nipsey Hussle - Mailbox Money". which is also included to their #p2p movement ( Proud 2 Pay ) ALWAYS BY CHOICE, NEVER BY FORCE which basically sums up for those who can't afford the music can download the music for free at datpiff.com (Gansta Grillz) version for all the music that comes out for New Years Eve. The NIPSEY HUSSLE (P2P DIGITAL) 12$ version on iamproud2pay.com and the most highest payed for mixtape/album. (PHYSICAL COPY)1 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! also on  iamproud2pay.com which is fucking crazy insane ! super impressive if you ask me.

Not to mention his business parters right behind him with BH's 1 hundred dollar price! mixtape/album and you can also check that out at allmoneyinbh.com to purchase. Thats also P2P as well so don't forget to hit up datpiff if you can't afford. and one of my favorites last but not least J STONE coming at you with 25/8 NO BREAKS which he also has 10$ dollar copies which is actually physical signed copies and he's even has the 25$ dollar copies to where you can even get the 25/8 no breaks tshirt ! so most defiantly get that at imjstone.com thats a must cop, but at the end of the day they are all must cop items as 1, as A$I records.

So proud of these dudes for taking advantage of their blessing and becoming well known to the rap game. These are the same dudes that come from around the same parts of LA as me "CRENSHAW DISTRICT" and stand up to ownership as well as in entrepreneur. Came along way GOOD LUCK, ALL MONEY IN NO MONEY OUT! SOUTH CENTRAL STATE OF MIND.